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On this day, 97 years ago, the most epic battle of the Canadian Corps, in a war that this year we honour the Centennial of its begining, began its main assault.
On this day, 97 years ago, the first wave of the 170,000 strong Corps emerged from their tunnels and advanced through a blinding snowstorm, behind a steel wall of crawling artillery fire.
97 Years ago, the first of over 10,000 Canadian soldiers fell wounded or dead. 

97 Years ago, the Battle of Vimy Ridge began. Three days later, in would end, in an overwhelming Canadian Victory, on a objective that many believed to be untakeable.

We will Remember them.


Matthew Williams

Welcome to Ask Military Canada! I'm here to answer any questions you may have about the Canadian Military, or Canadian Military History!

It's okay to ask me any questions you want, but be warned, I will be answering Canadian Millitary History questions as a priority. I also reserve the right to not answer any questions that I feel are inappropriate.

A loud mouth jerk who people always confuse me with for reasons that are unknown even to me. He can be kind of an a-hole at times, but I put up with it because he's my brother. He's usually showing me what ever cool new toy he's decided to buy instead of food or clothing and I wish he'd stop trying to get my bosses to buy that stuff from him, but what can you do. He tried coming up here trying to take over a number of times, but I put him in his place, although he'd never admit it.

I guess in many ways he's like a father to me. He raised me and taught me how to be a good country. Although he sometimes likes to mix me up with America, I know that he knows the difference. I've always been there for him whether he needed the best soldiers in the world or needed someone to escort supplies across the Atlantic Ocean.

A lot of people seem to think he's my biological father, but I don't know if that's true or not. What I do know is that he raised me for just long enough to make an impression on me. He thinks my French language skills have degraded over the years, I however feel that I just made his language more robust and utilitarian.

Other Canadas
:iconaskmatthewwilliams: :iconask--canada: :iconask-canawho: :iconask-matthewwilliams: :iconask-canada-kun:

Here we have an assortment of other versions of me who I'm going to whip into proper shape one of these days. Seriously boys, this acting invisible and letting yourselves get ignored days are coming to an end. I'm gonna teach you all how to be proper friggin' Canucks!

The Netherlands
A very good friend of mine. Towards the end of the Second World War, I fought to liberate him from the boot of Nazi conquest. I know a lot of other countries forget me sometimes, but I know he never will.

She's one of the most wonderful and beautiful countries ever. I'm happy that we have such a wonderful relationship together. I've always tried my hardest to stick up for her, recognizing that her brother starved her almost to death in the '30s because she wanted to be her own country. I was honored to be the first western country to recognize her independence after the fall of the Soviet Union, and I'm thankful for the 'special relationship' we have together.

Sometimes I forget that she's not actually part of my country, but she doesn't mind. Usually. We've been having a bit of an argument over hunting laws but we're still good friends.

Hans Island
She's a young little island near me that Denmark and I are arguing over. We really shouldn't be fighting over such a little one.

The Highlands
She's my aunt! She's such a sweet little lady who's kind and wonderful! Although whenever my Highlanders are put into the field it tends not to be kind and wonderful for whoever has to fight them...

One hell of a good cousin. I like to reminice about the glory days of running across the Fields of France and Flanders kicking some German ass and taking names in the Great War. We were like an unstoppable tag team on a German destruction tour.

New Zealand
Kind of like me in many ways. Just like how people always seem to get me confused with America, lots of people confuse him for Australia.
Hong Kong
I saw my Army action in the Second World War against the Japanese at Hong Kong. We tried as hard as we could to protect the little colony, but ultimately we failed. We're still good friends, and she helps take care of all my boys who are buried in her soil.

She's another country I consider to be like an aunt to me. She's very nice and beautiful and I love visiting her!

Provinces and Territories
:icona-s-k-alberta: :iconask-nunavut: :iconaskbritishcolombia: :iconask--britishcolumbia: :iconasktheontarian: :iconasksaskatchewan:

I've got Ten Provinces and Three Territories living in my house. Some young, some old each of them different in their own special way. They've fought along side me and each other in every war we've been in. Although it does get kind of noisy when they argue...

(I'll try to give each province their own little blurb when I can.)

She's a cute little part of the Maritimes. It made me really sad when England sent her away, but I'm so happy she came back to live with us!

Not as big as I am, but has a lot of people! I know I didn't exactly treat her people very kindly when we were building the railroads, but I hope they can forgive me. She's nice, but I'm kind of erked at my boss for making deals with her behind my back...

The only country that's bigger than I am. He's nice, but I'm still very wary around him. Not as much as Al is though. That guy needs to realize the Cold War ended like, twenty years ago. I got quite mad at him a couple years ago for planting a flag on the ocean floor. Specifically, a section of MY part of the ocean floor.

Soviet Russia
Now THIS guy. This guy I have a problem with. This guy is why I'm so crazy about protecting my Arctic Sovereignty. Friggin' jerk thinks he can just sit there, thinking I'm afraid of him? Ha ha ha no way pal. Remember, General Winter doesn't just fight for you. Also he's a total jerk to his sister. But he was fun to play hockey with. Especially the '72 Summit Series. Goddamn that was a series to REMEMBER.

I never really got to know you when I was younger, all I really knew was that England didn't like you very much. Still, that didn't stop some of us from going over and fighting for the Republic during your Civil War, even when my boss made it illegal to do so. Although we lost to the Fascists, I'm glad you remember and are thankful for all of us who went over, and those who didn't get to come back home.

She's a beautiful little island in the Mediterranean. The first time I was ever there was back when we invaded during Operation Husky in 1943. It was the first time I was in a real campaign in the war, and the first time I won a victory. I got to see a lot of the island while I was there. considering I had to march my way across because the Germans sank the ships carrying our trucks and malaria medicine.

Southern Italy
She's kind of rough, but she's a softy at heart. I usually interacted more with her brother when he switched sides and joined the allies, but she was very kind when you told her you were there to kick out 'I Tedeschi'. The places I remember most about her are Ortona, Cassino, the Sangro, the Liri Valley and Anzio, but those hold some not so good memories. But all in all she's a wonderful girl and a wonderful part of the country.


Oh Cyprus. I'm sorry I couldn't keep your island whole. But what I want you to know is that I tried my hardest. I put many years of effort into stabilizing your Island, and the price has been dear. I was there during the invasion, caught in the crossfire between two countries that should just leave you alone. I hope someday I'll see you whole again.

(more will be added)

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"Olá, Canada. You don't look well, paler than when I last glimpsed you. You should come visit me, put colour back in those cold cheeks. And your girlfriend, or whatever she is, too. She's too pale too, it's not healthy."
Siessta Apr 14, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
thanks for the :+fav: :hug:
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"Bonjour, Mattieu~" Francis treated all 'versions' of his little brother as still his little brother, and was as such affectionate to even the hardest one, kissing his nose lightly. "And 'ow are you today?"
"I'm fine, Francis." Matthew sighed, not particularly fond of this kind of affection from his 'older brother' "Do you need money or something?"
E-tre-chaud Apr 14, 2014  New member
"Oh, must you always be so against me? Non. Not this time, I just wanted to spend some time with you, that such a crime? Go on, smile! It's a beautiful day, walk with me? No politics, no lies. Just us." He genuinely did love his brothers, and hated seeing them upset or as...jumpy. He knew he couldn't change them, but it was his job to be loving, right?
"Oh, Alright. I guess it's not like I'm doing anything else." Matthew replied, and joined Francis as they walked.
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I remembered why I stopped talking to you for months
Everytime we do I'm constantly on edge for another of your always-awesome replies
They're works of art, 
I swear))
(Yeah! Sorry, it's just I've had a ton of stuff going on right now, working on my comic, I've got an exam tomorow, SWRPG, I'll get to it, don't worry!)
((Darling, I'd wait patiently for months for a reply from you, it's okay! I understand, I've just done my 10 hour long art exam. Only GCSE, but still pretty damn stressful. You take your sweet time x))
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